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Commercial Strategy

Developing the marketing, sales, and reimbursement plan for your product to ensure accelerated adoption with prescribers, policy makers, payors, and patients.

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Hix Group helps organizations frame the argument for their product with prescribers, policy makers, payors, and patients (consumers).

Pre- and early Commercial

For pre- and early commercial stage organizations and/or brands requiring a sales organization, Hix Group can build the distributor relationships to support a national launch and/or develop regionally-focused distributor relationships to fill voids in the sales effort. Hix Group is also experienced in developing enterprise partnership(s) with established life science companies to expedite entry into and trajectory in the target market(s).

Early Commercial

For early commercial stage companies, the Hix Group becomes the marketing department for the organization. This approach enables the early commercial stage company to accelerate the path to commercialization by accessing a team of experienced life science professionals equipped to develop and execute strategies for the payor, physician, and consumer stakeholders.

Established companies

For established companies, Hix Group can come alongside the leadership and marketing team to develop and/or refine the marketing strategy across the stakeholder audience. Our work can begin during the pre-commercial phase where defining the market, isolating the highest potential patient personas, and preparing the market for accelerated adoption is critical to success. Ultimately, optimized positioning for the brand yields effective messaging, marketing tactics, and channel alignment.

Currently Marketed Products

For currently marketed products, Hix Group’s Sales Performance Audit evaluates patterns in organization and brand performance to identify opportunities for the organization to optimize performance geographically, by customer type, by representative or distributor, and via entry into adjacent verticals.

Ask Hix Group to conduct a commercial marketing audit to assess and define the

  • market potential for primary and secondary markets
  • optimal positioning for your product
  • product specifications required to penetrate the market or secure incremental share
  • the path to revenue given the stakeholders, competitors, reimbursement policy, and regulatory environment influencing the market(s)
  •  the sales structure and sales compensation plan required to secure the market.

Ask Hix Group to serve as a fractional Chief Commercial Officer for your pre- or early-commercial stage product.

Ask Group Hix to develop and position your commercial plan with investors.

Selected Foci

Select, representative engagements

The following selection of representative engagements provides insight into the capabilities of Hix Group and the work product sought by our clients.


Commercial Strategy Development


A Major Integrated Delivery Network and its Private Equity Partner

A major integrated delivery network and its private equity partner sought Hix Group to assess the potential to launch a network of retail pharmacies positioned at the point of care.

The retail pharmacy network was initially positioned at seven of the network’s physician office buildings (POBs). Today, the retail pharmacy network includes fifteen retail locations and a specialty pharmacy.

Hix Group was engaged to:

  • conduct the feasibility assessment for a “Go” or “No Go” decision,
  • develop the five-year P/L based on the expected prescription volume pharmaceutical volume by drug class, patient capture rate, and payor mix
  • develop the operating budget required at launch and going forward,
  • create the brand name and brand identity
  • develop the public relations and point of care marketing campaigns to drive awareness and utilization of the retail locations.


Commercial Strategy Development, supported by a marketing asset audit


Pre-commercial medical device company focused in pain management

A medical device company seeking to relaunch a product via direct-to-consumer and professional channels sought the Hix Group to develop the marketing plan, the investment required to support the plan, and the projected P & L.

The marketing effort included developing and determining the:

  • brand platform (branding, packaging, associations with influencers)
  • target audience, defined by distinct patient portraits to focus the marketing channel, product positioning, and messaging
  • initial product portfolio and the secondary product launch sequence
  • online and social footprint and the level of marketing spend required by web or social channel
  • public relations schedule and content,
  • identifying and securing the personality-targeted to represent the product
  • creating the direct to consumer commerce platform (via Shopify),
  • executing the phase one launch of the product into the consumer channel
  • positioning the product for expansion via enterprise partner distribution in the orthopedic and dental markets


Commercial Strategy Development


A large, regional pediatric health system

A large, regional pediatric health system seeking to evaluate the potential to launch a durable medical equipment (DMEPOS) service line selected The Hix Group to independently evaluate the clinical, operational, and financial impact of the DME service line.

The evaluation included an audit of the system’s readiness for a DME launch with respect to clinical priorities, physical assets (warehousing, inventory control, BioMed), internal processes and workflow (billing operations), and internal support from clinicians and administrators (cultural readiness).

The Hix Group recommended a phased launch, with each phase expanding the DME service into additional product categories and service lines of the system. This project is currently in the execution phase.


Pre-Commercial Business Plan Development


A Medical Supply Company Focused in Health System Acquired Infections (HAIs)

A pre-commercial medical supply company engaged Hix Group to develop the business case for a technology aimed at reducing HAIs in hospital and primary care settings.

Hix Group developed the investor overview, including revenue projections, and the hospital ROI calculator to support positioning the technology with health system decision makers.

The ROI calculator is also used in investor presentations to represent the economic impact of the technology on healthcare delivery.


Pre-Commercial Business Plan Development


A Medical Device Distributor and an Investor in Healthcare Service and Medical Device

An investor in healthcare services and medical device sought Hix Group to evaluate the potential to acquire a product line from a large medical device manufacturer.

Hix Group was able to value the business based on the trajectory of the sales volume, the diversity of the sales performance across geographies, distributors, and purchaser type, the assets in service across clinics and hospitals, and the status of the intellectual property.

Ultimately, weakness in the intellectual property portfolio resulted in a “no go” recommendation to the investor.

"Hix Group's knowledge of customer relationship management was superior to all others I interviewed. After hiring them, our CRM project ran smoothly and robustly, with outstanding analytics and depth of options."

Product Manager

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

"We found Hix Group to be masters in the art of story-telling. Hix Group is uniquely qualified to assess and develop the positioning strategy for a product, the target audience profiles, and the messaging required to separate from the noise in the market."

Chief Executive

Medical Device

"Hix Group has a keen ability to quickly navigate through complex business situations and get to the two or three critical business issues that need to be addressed to grow the business."

Vice President

National Accounts, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

"While their strategic mind set, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are very impressive, it is their ability to put their ideas into action that is most impressive to me."

Sales Leader

Area Vice President, Medical Device

"Their diverse background gained from their time in the pharmaceutical, healthcare delivery, and medical device industries allows Hix Group to see the big picture and position companies and products both creatively and strategically. Hix Group's ability to see solutions rather than problems sets them apart from others as a natural organizer and a leader in the healthcare industry."

Vice President

Sales, Medical Supply Company for high-risk populations

"The magic inside Hix Group is the ability find the most simple and productive path to the opportunities in front of our business. Hix Group delivers simple paths to performance that can be executed across the functions of the business, marketing, sales and operations."


Medical Device

"Rather than providing a mobile plan for the business, Hix Group took the opposite approach. Hix Group first invested in understanding our consumer journey and the operational elements required to support the journey to best integrate and align the mobile journey with our the priorities for each phase of the consumer’s engagement with our brand."

Vice President

Business Development, Pharmaceutical

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