From Awareness to Acquisition to Advocacy
Consumer Engagement

Hix Group equips healthcare and life science brands to ignite and sustain meaningful conversations with consumers to increase the lifetime value of the organization to the consumer.

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Stop for a moment and consider: how much is your organization investing to acquire a single consumer?
Did you consider the cost of physician and consumer advocacy development? The cost of your clinical program? The cost of the sales effort to prescribers and/or influencers? The marketing effort? Logistics and fulfillment? Payor relations?

Ultimately, when we consider the full cost of consumer acquisition for both prescription and direct-to-consumer products, we are motivated to:

Ensure the consumer achieves the desired clinical outcome

Reduce the cost of consumer acquisition

Extend the engagement with the consumer
Achieving the desired clinical outcome, which translates to ensuring the consumer crosses the required clinical threshold for the product, is a critical factor in driving the outcomes necessary to ignite and retain loyalty from both the consumer and professional audience. Yet, too often, the failure to achieve the desired clinical outcome is not the fault of the product but is instead a result of poor consumer engagement.

Hix Group has developed and operationalized the technology-enabled patient journey for many leading pharmaceutical and medical device brands, including brands managed by Fortune 50 organizations servicing the pharmaceutical industry. These journeys have included using technology, including mobile technology, to appropriately activate, engage, incentivize, and retain consumers. This experience includes developing mobile-enabled patient acquisition and retention deployments to support retail and specialty pharmacy.

For the cost-sensitive consumer, Hix Group is equipped to develop and support deployments using mobile technology to deliver co-payment incentives and patient assistance coupons directly to the consumer’s device.

Ask Hix Group to advance your conversation with the target audience and the acquired audience using an integrated, optimized, multi-channel customer relationship management (CRM) deployment that recognizes and addresses audience personas, HIPAA, and budget constraints.

Ask Hix Group to help you deploy consumer engagement technology to improve the operational process dedicated to reimbursement workflow, including prior authorization processing and status reporting, fulfillment acknowledgement, and payments.

Ask Hix to help you understand and optimize the journeys consumers are taking gain awareness of your product, acquire your product, and sustain a conversation with your product.

Selected Foci

Select, representative engagements

The following selection of representative engagements provides insight into the capabilities of Hix Group and the work product sought by our clients.

Consumer Engagement

Digital Health Platform

Hix Group was asked to evaluate the company’s technology, processes, and competencies dedicated to acquiring, engaging, and retaining consumers. Comprehensive user journeys for three distinct, high-potential user personas were developed to ensure alignment between technology, messaging, and interactive engagement prompts to ensure the conversation with the consumer was elevated at the awareness, activation, adherence, and affinity (or loyalty) phases of the journey. Efforts were also directed to creating partnerships and the associations with high-potential, web-based communities for targeted conditions to drive consumer acquisition.

Efforts also led to Hix Group recommending and creating a distinct brand (under the master brand) to communicate the value proposition to enterprise targets in the pharmaceutical, specialty pharmacy, provider, and payor verticals.


Consumer Engagement

Integrated Delivery Network

Executive leadership at an Integrated Delivery Network sought Hix Group to evaluate the network’s potential to engage health plan members in rural areas using telemedicine.

The effort required researching the mobile technology penetration for rural zip codes and the capabilities of the mobile infrastructure in the zip codes relative to the platform requirements of competing telemedicine providers.

The marketing plan developed to support the launch of the telemedicine product incorporated mobile-enabled, multi-channel communication to increase awareness and drive activity to the telemedicine product.


Consumer Engagement

Leading mHealth platform provider focused in consumer and retail healthcare markets
A mobile healthcare services provider sought Hix Group to develop the business plan to extend its reach into the pharmaceutical industry, including manufacturers, specialty pharmacy providers, and PBMs. Hix Group worked with the client’s marketing team to develop the:
  • P/L for the business unit
  • value-proposition, including pricing strategy and the expected ROI to the pharmaceutical supply chain resulting from increased adherence to prescribed pharmaceutical regimens
  • product development pathway to unique advantage based on privacy (HIPAA), data security, and workflow competency (i.e. using mobile technology to execute prior authorization status reporting and to receive payment)

Hix Group was retained as a coach to the client’s dedicated sales team and participated as a subject matter expect in calls with high-potential accounts.


Business Development

Specialty-focused EMR

The company’s leadership engaged Hix Group to identify both a distributor channel and a strategic channel to reaching a specialty physician audience outside the company’s current focus.

Hix Group was able to align the company with a strategic partner equipped to bring value to the existing platform and a dedicated national sales force to the effort to help ensure effective reach into the targeted specialty.

"Hix Group's knowledge of customer relationship management was superior to all others I interviewed. After hiring them, our CRM project ran smoothly and robustly, with outstanding analytics and depth of options."

Product Manager

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

"We found Hix Group to be masters in the art of story-telling. Hix Group is uniquely qualified to assess and develop the positioning strategy for a product, the target audience profiles, and the messaging required to separate from the noise in the market."

Chief Executive

Medical Device

"Hix Group has a keen ability to quickly navigate through complex business situations and get to the two or three critical business issues that need to be addressed to grow the business."

Vice President

National Accounts, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

"While their strategic mind set, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are very impressive, it is their ability to put their ideas into action that is most impressive to me."

Sales Leader

Area Vice President, Medical Device

"Their diverse background gained from their time in the pharmaceutical, healthcare delivery, and medical device industries allows Hix Group to see the big picture and position companies and products both creatively and strategically. Hix Group's ability to see solutions rather than problems sets them apart from others as a natural organizer and a leader in the healthcare industry."

Vice President

Sales, Medical Supply Company for high-risk populations

"The magic inside Hix Group is the ability find the most simple and productive path to the opportunities in front of our business. Hix Group delivers simple paths to performance that can be executed across the functions of the business, marketing, sales and operations."


Medical Device

"Rather than providing a mobile plan for the business, Hix Group took the opposite approach. Hix Group first invested in understanding our consumer journey and the operational elements required to support the journey to best integrate and align the mobile journey with our the priorities for each phase of the consumer’s engagement with our brand."

Vice President

Business Development, Pharmaceutical

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