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Pre- and early Commercial
For pre- and early commercial stage organizations and/or brands requiring a sales organization, Six Bridges Advisors can build the distributor relationships to support a national launch and/or develop regionally-focused distributor relationships to fill voids in the sales effort. Six Bridges Advisors is also experienced in developing enterprise partnership(s) with established life science companies to expedite entry into and trajectory in the target market(s).
Early Commercial
For early commercial stage companies, the Six Bridges Advisors becomes the marketing department for the organization. This approach enables the early commercial stage company to accelerate the path to commercialization by accessing a team of experienced life science professionals equipped to develop and execute strategies for the payor, physician, and consumer stakeholders.
Established companies
For established companies, Six Bridges Advisors can come alongside the leadership and marketing team to develop and/or refine the marketing strategy across the stakeholder audience. Our work can begin during the pre-commercial phase where defining the market, isolating the highest potential patient personas, and preparing the market for accelerated adoption is critical to success. Ultimately, optimized positioning for the brand yields effective messaging, marketing tactics, and channel alignment.
Currently Marketed Products
For currently marketed products, Six Bridges Advisors’ Sales Performance Audit evaluates patterns in organization and brand performance to identify opportunities for the organization to optimize performance geographically, by customer type, by representative or distributor, and via entry into adjacent verticals.