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Domestic and international pre- and early-commercial stage companies and brands partner with Six Bridges Advisors to craft and execute commercial strategy that leads to accelerated adoption across patients, physicians, payers, and influencers. Clients expect Six Bridges to

  1. speed their time to market,
  2. optimize the launch sequence of their product or portfolio by identifying, positioning and equipping the business or brand towards meaningful opportunities in the Now-, Near-, and Long-term,
  3. save their organization time and money, by optimizing force and resource allocation required to secure commercial success,

 Our clients include pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers (both prescription and OTC consumer healthcare products), technology providers, and venture capital firms. 

Focus: Commercial Plan Development and Execution

A medical device company seeking to enter multiple condition categories engaged Six Bridges to determine the company’s

  • path to revenue (over-the-counter vs. third party reimbursement),
  • optimized product launch sequence considering the internal assets, competencies and external market forces (reimbursement pressures, level of influence with the prescriber and payor audiences),
  • path to profitability, including the assessment of the cash input require to ignite and sustain operations through the early commercial stage,

business plan to support conversations with investors and strategic targets.

Focus: Reimbursement: Positioning, Negotiations, and Team Development

A medical device company seeking to develop a national account team to advance the company’s conversation and position with payors engaged Six Bridges to

  • evaluate the skill set of existing leadership and operational personnel in national accounts,
  • proposed the organizational structure required to support the organization’s priorities with payors, health systems, and high-potential employer targets,
  • develop the managed markets marketing plan, including the clinical program required to better position the clinical and economic argument for the product,
  • trained the existing and acquired head count on the skills and messaging required to successfully position products, both clinically and economically, with the payor audience.
Focus: Marketing Asset Audit and Plan Development

A medical device company seeking to relaunch a product via direct-to-consumer and professional channels partnered with Six Bridges to develop the marketing plan, the investment to support the plan, and the projected P & L.  The marketing effort included developing and determining the

  • Brand platform (branding, packaging, associations with influencers),
  • Target audience, defined by distinct patient portraits to focus the marketing channel and messaging effort,
  • initial product portfolio and the secondary product launch sequence,
  • positioning and messaging,
  • online and social footprint, and the level of marketing spend required by web or social channel,
  • public relations schedule and content,
  • channel exploration, beta deployment.
Focus: Thrill or Threat from the supply chain? Analysis and Response

A medical device company required an immediate response to a large supply chain partner expressing a desire to white-label the company’s product as part of its broader offering to hospitals and physician practices.  The Six Bridges team developed the response, orchestrated the negotiation of revised terms with the supply chain partner, and prepared the messaging to better position the company relative to international sourcing threats.

Focus: Product development, positioning, and business development for a mobile technology provider seeking to expand the offering into the pharmaceutical vertical.

A mobile healthcare services provider sought Six Bridges to develop the

  • targeted vertical strategy within the pharmaceutical industry (manufacturers vs. specialty pharmaceuticals vs. wholesalers vs. PBMs),
  • value-proposition, including pricing strategy, unique organizational competencies, and the operational commitment for each vertical,
  • business development plan, which included participation by the Hix Group with the client’s dedicated sales team.
Focus: Business Development for a specialty-focused EMR

The company’s leadership engaged Six Bridges to identify a distributor channel and a strategic channel to reaching a specialty physician audience outside the company’s current focus.  Six Bridges was able to align the company with a strategic partner equipped to bring value to the existing platform and a dedicated national sales force to the effort to help ensure effective reach into the targeted specialty.