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Commercial Strategy

Do you require a marketing, sales, and/or revenue (reimbursement) plan for your pre- or early-commercial business or product? And, would you prefer to work with a team of life science professionals who have “walked the walk” with respect to market assessment, market preparation, product development, product launch, and channel development?

If “yes”, you may want to join the list of early commercial and established companies who engaged Hix Group to assess, prioritize, and manage their commercial priorities. We invite you to learn more about us.

Negotiation Training

Are your margins being further suppressed each time a member of your leadership team negotiates with a purchaser or supplier? Do you fear the value of your organization or your product(s) is ignored in “value-based” negotiations with payors and providers? Are your near-term and long-term revenue projections at risk due to a repeating pattern of pricing concessions?

If “yes”, we invite you to learn more about Six Bridges!

Consumer Engagement

Could an active, meaningful conversation with consumers and potential consumers drive revenue growth and secure operational savings for your organization? Are you seeking to identify paths to close the gap between the realized value and the potential value of the consumer or prescriber? Could improved consumer engagement effort support your clinical, operational, and financial priorities?

If “yes” or “perhaps”, we invite you to learn more about our work in consumer engagement.

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