Six Bridges
Negotiation Training

The Path to Finding Shared Commitment in Value-Based Negotiations

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The “negotiating arena” is the place where revenue, profits, and jobs are at their greatest risk.

The outcome of a negotiation impacts the entire organization, with the impact extending to the financial and operational health of the organization and the job security of colleagues. In life sciences, the stakes are higher. A negotiation between a life science company and a provider or payor will impact the treatment options for a condition or disease, thereby potentially impacting thousands of people with a chronic disease or a select few impacted by a rare condition with limited treatment options. Now, more than ever, it is necessary to conduct meaningful conversations between life science companies and the stakeholders impacted by their products.

Six Bridges is the Hix Group’s proven approach to successfully negotiating enterprise-to-enterprise agreements with payors, providers, and participants in the value-chain. The intended audience is pharmaceutical, medical device, and life science professionals responsible for positioning their organization and their product portfolio with healthcare decision makers, influencers, suppliers, and distributors.

The specific function of those who will have an interest in Hix Group’s Six Bridges Negotiation Training include:

Account execs

Account executives responsible for negotiating agreements with payors, benefit managers (pharmacy and medical device), health systems, and retailers

Sales leaders

Sales leaders responsible for the pull-through of negotiated agreements


Marketers responsible for developing the positioning, pricing, promotion and messaging strategy for the organization’s brand(s) in managed markets

C-level execs

C-level executives responsible for the acquisition or disposal of assets and securing favorable relationships across the value chain (suppliers, wholesalers, distributors)

There are three paths to deploying Six Bridges Training Negotiation with Hix Group clients, including:

TWO-Day Training

A two-day training session with account executives and leaders of life science and healthcare organizations seeking to prepare leaders and account teams for negotiations. All training sessions are customized to the opportunities and challenges facing the client organization to ensure the training translates to the negotiating arena.

Tailored Workshop

A case-specific workshop with executive teams in the midst of a negotiation with that will impact the future direction of the company.  In this scenario, Hix Group leads the organization through the Six Bridges path to develop the negotiating strategy for the client with the customer, supply partner, or distributor.


A quarterly or bi-annual strategic session with organization and/or brand leaders seeking to ensure alignment between the strategic priorities of the organization and the priorities of payors, providers, patients, and supply chain partners.

Ask Hix Group to conduct a Six Bridges training session to prepare your account executives for the rigors of value-based negotiations with payors and providers.

Ask Hix Group to team with your executives to develop a Six Bridges response plan to a commercial threat originating with a payor, provider, supply chain partner, or competitors.

Ask Hix Group to conduct a Six Bridges working session with executive teams before or following a merger or acquisition. This working session will ensure strategies and tactics with customers and customer segments reflects the combined competencies of the merged organization.

Selected Foci

Select, representative engagements

The following selection of representative engagements provides insight into the capabilities of Hix Group and the work product sought by our clients.


Six Bridges Negotiation Training


A Leading Provider of Orthopedic and Physical Rehabilitation Medical Equipment

A medical device company seeking to develop a national account team to advance the company’s conversation and position with payors engaged Hix Group to:

  • evaluate the skill set of existing leadership and operational personnel in national accounts
  • propose and develop the organizational structure required to support the organization’s priorities with payors, health systems, and high-potential employer targets
  • develop the managed markets marketing plan, including the clinical program required to better position the clinical and economic argument for the product
  • analyze current status with payors (i.e. percentage of covered lives with preferential and/or neutral access to the product)
  • train the existing and acquired head count on the skills and messaging required to successfully position products, both clinically and economically, with the payor audience


Six Bridges Negotiation Training


A Well-Established Medical Supply Company Serving Hospitals

A medical device company required an immediate response to a large supply chain partner expressing a desire to white-label the company’s product as part of its broader offering to hospitals and physician practices. 

Hix Group served as a consultant for a 90-day period to formulate the response, equip the leadership team to negotiate revised terms with the supply chain partner, and prepare the go forward messaging to better position the company relative to international sourcing threats.

"Hix Group's knowledge of customer relationship management was superior to all others I interviewed. After hiring them, our CRM project ran smoothly and robustly, with outstanding analytics and depth of options."

Product Manager

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

"We found Hix Group to be masters in the art of story-telling. Hix Group is uniquely qualified to assess and develop the positioning strategy for a product, the target audience profiles, and the messaging required to separate from the noise in the market."

Chief Executive

Medical Device

"Hix Group has a keen ability to quickly navigate through complex business situations and get to the two or three critical business issues that need to be addressed to grow the business."

Vice President

National Accounts, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

"While their strategic mind set, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are very impressive, it is their ability to put their ideas into action that is most impressive to me."

Sales Leader

Area Vice President, Medical Device

"Their diverse background gained from their time in the pharmaceutical, healthcare delivery, and medical device industries allows Hix Group to see the big picture and position companies and products both creatively and strategically. Hix Group's ability to see solutions rather than problems sets them apart from others as a natural organizer and a leader in the healthcare industry."

Vice President

Sales, Medical Supply Company for high-risk populations

"The magic inside Hix Group is the ability find the most simple and productive path to the opportunities in front of our business. Hix Group delivers simple paths to performance that can be executed across the functions of the business, marketing, sales and operations."


Medical Device

"Rather than providing a mobile plan for the business, Hix Group took the opposite approach. Hix Group first invested in understanding our consumer journey and the operational elements required to support the journey to best integrate and align the mobile journey with our the priorities for each phase of the consumer’s engagement with our brand."

Vice President

Business Development, Pharmaceutical

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